Earning the Certificate in Service Learning

The Certificate in Service Learning (CSL) recognizes your experiences in utilizing your classroom skills to meet community-identified needs. Earning the certificate involves taking classes, engaging in volunteer work, and reflecting on your service learning experiences. Once you have earned the certificate, it is acknowledged on your official academic transcript.


Certificate Coursework requirement change

 New Course Requirement: Social Awareness Class
To complete the certificate, you need to take 1 pre-approved service learning course and 1 social awareness course. Social awareness classes will typically not require a service project as part of the class.

Change will officially take effect Fall 2018.
  • During the Fall 2017-Spring 2018 academic year, you have the option to FINISH the certificate program using 2 service learning classes OR 1 service learning class and 1 social awareness class. If you do not complete the certificate by the end of Spring 2018, you will be required to meet the new course work requirement starting Fall 2018.

Steps to Earn the Certificate


Registration for this certificate is through myKU Portal. Log in to your myKU portal and select the “Undergraduate Certificates” link from the “Academics” tab in MyKU Portal to register for the Certificate in Service Learning. Please allow a couple of days for the service learning record to become active in myKU Portal. You will use myKU Portal to track service hours and submit your final reflection.

Component 1: 1 service learning course + 1 social awareness course

Take 1 designated service-learning (SL) class  and 1 social awareness (SA) class. View eligible classes

  • Service learning classes must be taken for a minimum of 3 credit hours. Classes that qualify toward the certificate vary by semester.  
  • Some approved courses offer optional service or multiple projects that serve for-profit and non-profit organizations. In order for your service to be approved for certificate, you must have participated in the service learning component of the course, and the service must in non-profit sector
  • You may have taken a SL or SA service-learning class that is not included on the list of courses. Please suggest any course to the CSL Coordinator that you feel should be included. We will seek approval to have the class added to the list.
Component 2: Service 101
Service 101 is an introduction to service pathways and ethical service work.

Change will officially take effect after December 15, 2017 during winter break.
  • This is not a class. Resources to help you complete this component will be available on the Center for Service Learning website. After reviewing the online Service 101 resources, you will need to respond to some reflection questions, which will be available on your service learning certificate record in myKU Portal.
  • Service 101 can be completed anytime during the certification process. The service 101 reflection questions must be submitted and approved before you can complete the final reflection.
Component 3: 60 cumulative hours of service
Complete a minimum of 60 hours of service. Service hours from your service learning class count toward the cumulative 60 hours needed to complete the certificate. If the service hours from your courses fall below 60 hours, you may complete additional service in one of the following ways:

If you continue service at an agency beyond what is required for your service learning class, you may use those hours to complete this component. Contact us with questions or to discuss other options for completing the additional service.

If you complete service hours that are not part of a class, you will need to fill out this additional service verification form and upload it to your submission in myKU Portal. 

Component 4: Reflection
There are two options for completing the reflection component of certificate:

1. Attend one 50-minute reflection session. Check out the details and reflection session schedule...


2. Write a reflection summary including all of your service experiences. Because you will be including all of your service experiences in the reflection, you may not submit the reflection or attend a session prior to completing the majority of your service experiences. The written reflection needs to be submitted through myKU Portal. Preview the reflection questions.

To complete the reflection or attend a session, you must have registered for the certificate, completed Service 101, and finished the majority of your coursework and service. 

Apply to graduate from the certificate program

Make sure you apply to graduate from your certificate program(s) through Enroll and Pay

Spring 2018 online graduation application deadline: March 1, 2018

If you plan to complete a certificate program in any given semester, you should apply to graduate from the certificate program even if you still have classes or experiences in progress. 

Instructions on applying to graduate from certificate programs can be found on Student Information System website.

Eligible Courses Service 101 Reflection Session

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