Strong Hall
Strong Hall, home of the CSL. Credit/©: David McKinney / University Relations

The Center for Service Learning (CSL) was created in 2005 as a student initiative that grew through partnership efforts with KU students, faculty and university administration.

The Center's mission is to foster teaching, learning, and research experiences that develop civic agency, address social challenges, and cultivate a shared commitment to the public good.

The Center focuses on connecting and supporting the three critical partner groups for service learning: faculty and instructors, students, and community partners. With instructors, the Center provides support and resources in designing and implementing service-learning courses. Through this work, the Center seeks to foster and grow KU's Community Engaged Scholars across the campus.

With students, the Center offers credit coursework that complements student service experiences, offers a certificate in service learning that recognizes student efforts to enhance their education while supporting the community, and supports and advises three student service organizations—KU Alternative Breaks, KU Center for Community Outreach, and MEDLIFE KU. The Center informs and educates KU students on the many possible Pathways to Service by guiding students through various options for community engagement.

With community partners, the Center helps connect the campus, academic courses, and KU's surrounding community, advocating for and supporting the many community partners that work with our students and faculty.

Finally, the Center educates its campus audience about principles for fair and ethical service in working with local, national and international communities.